l mostly like film because it's forced me to slow down. Its limitations have made me more deliberate and technical artist. Shooting different media has given me a better understanding of "rules" I thought I knew, which ones are medium specific, and which ones are guidelines across them. Most importantly, shooting film has transformed photography for me into a meditative practice. I can relax into a scene and wait for the right moment to capture my subjects in the way I've come to see them.
I shoot in a variety of formats, most often 6x7 and 6x6. I use an Epson Flatbed to scan the black and white and color film stocks I shoot—most often Tri-X and Portra 400, but sometimes Fomopan and Ilford Delta 3200. My favorite camera right now to walk around with is my Rolleiflex Xenar K4 Automat, but my (huge!) Mamiya RB67 is my main workhorse.
photo by Kelly Farr
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